My name is Braedon, I made this site cause I had the domain and the old site looked boring as hell. I’m a visual effects artist and computer programmer. I’m an American interested in making and sharing open source software and video games.

I’m also a devout Christian and I might make a few posts about theology.


I have been creating video games and software since I was about 13 years old. And I haven’t really been able to stop since.

My most notable work is Heaven Studio, a free and open-source level editor based on the Rhythm Heaven franchise. I started the project in my mom’s basement using nothing but Unity and my hopes and dreams. And I face the consequences of that decision every day.


Do you want to high five? Ask me a question? Tell me how much of a piece of shit I am? Are you a game company and want to send me a cease and desist?

Message me on GitHub @Starpelly

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I’d prefer to have a 100% ad-free website. We aren’t consoomers around here.