Gridbeats is dead, and Rhythm Heaven Mania has been given to someone else. So now what? Well, obviously I’m going back to the simple life of visual effects and making video games. It was truly a fun time, but I have other things I need to do. Hopefully the Rhythm Heaven community can have fun with that while willfully curb stomping an autistic man for using the wrong word in a button on his niche blog website.

Anyway, what do I have planned for the future? Well, namely a game engine. Appropriately called “Starflow”. It’s primary purpose is stylish 3D and rhythm games. Originally created for Rhythm Heaven Mania it will now serve as the main game engine for Boxsubmus… when It’s done anyway.

Of course, this is all super early on, I’ve only been working on it for a week. Who knows what it will be like in the future.

Regarding my YouTube channel

More likely than not, I’m probably just gonna go back to YTPMV’s. I had the most fun out of all the stuff I do currently, making them than ANYTHING I do now.

I remember when I tried using my channel as a resource for the Rhythm Heaven soundtrack. I realized I could just make it all one video instead, and then I realized someone else was doing the same thing anyway. So I bailed on that plan. The community post is still up though for some reason, I might delete that some time never.

Anyway yeah, I’m going back to do the things I love. And I won’t let anyone stop me. I’ll see you in the next 4 months.