Alright, first off let’s get some things straight: I have almost no idea what I’m doing; NOT.

I’ve probably made at least 12 rhythm games at this point, most didn’t make it past 3 months in development, but I’m feeling good about this one. I’m investing a lot of time into it, but I’m confident that this will be eventually finished.

Introducing Rhythm Heaven Movie Maker (name possibly not final)

Note that there is a lot in this screenshot I plan to change, but the point is that I’m really happy with how it looks right now.

Now, the purpose of this program is to create visuals for Rhythm Heaven Custom Remixes. While there is an audio editor for those, this is specifically for visuals.

I originally started it to help me make some visuals for a remix I was making. I’m deciding to expand it the more use cases I need for my videos. So I probably won’t be working on it full time as far as I’m concerned.

The code is very dynamic and I have a function for pretty much every use case I would need, so implementing things is just a matter of time and how fast I am at animating.

Here’s the Update code for Working Dough: